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March 2012

Advertising, Papers, and Byline Columns

Advertising, Papers, and Byline Columns

Times have changed in the information publishing business.  Recently, the on-line telecom publication Connected Planet went out of business.

This was a bit of a shock since Connected Planet’s predecessor was Telephony, the most successful U.S. telecom print magazine ever.

These days, publishers often can no longer afford to put editors on general stories because the amount earned from on-line advertising is much lower than it was for print advertising.  Many publishers are also weighed down by high fixed costs.

Advantages of Advertising with Black Swan

Here’s how Black Swan addresses these publishing challenges to deliver great value:

  1. Highly targeted audience:  Business assurance is a niche telecom market.  The number of major software/services firms who address the market is less than 50.  So Black Swan’s tight editorial focus on this niche ensures promotion efficiency and value.
  2. Low overhead:  We publish Black Swan on our own.  We outsource for many services and automate many of the web publishing tasks, but we will keep all the editorial and article writing in-house.
  3. Market research reports tie in:  The magazine “swan-tails” with our TRI research brand which publishes market studies in the business assurance area.  In fact, the reason we need no dedicated advertising salesperson is that our research work already puts us in front of potential advertisers.

Since Black Swan is in its first year of publishing, we’re eager to build our readership up by encouraging many people to participate on both editorial and advertising sides.

Our fees are low enough that even small consulting and software firms can use Black Swan to promote themselves.  And larger firms with bigger promotion budgets will appreciate our industry paper writing services and the opportunity to have a regular industry column on Black Swan.

When an article of yours appears on Black Swan, it won‘t disappear two weeks later.  We’ve designed our menus and indexes to promote efficient drill down and search by topic area, author, and company.  In this way, Black Swan will effectively become an industry wiki allowing readers to quickly access information precisely when they need it.  This means your article will be accessed and read for many years.

As a marketer, you’ll love the low cost and fast — usually less than two week — turnaround we offer on article submissions and writing.  We think this can revolutionize your marketing.  The same effort and cost it takes to create a press release, say on a customer success story, can be used to develop a thought leadership article that is quickly broadcast to the community via Black Swan.

Four Ways to Get Your Company’s Message Across

Here are the four advertising/byline programs we offer:




Advertising Banner

Runs on top of each editorial page

for 12 months

Size: 728px wide x 90px high
No animation or flash.
Change the banner and link as often as you want.

Advertising Positions:
Maximum of 40 ad banners from 4/2012 to 4/2013.
57 editorial pages in April 2012.
137 editorial pages by March 2013.

Byline Article

An article of 800 words or longer under your company byline and bio.

$400 per article

$300 per article
when you commit
to a few

How it's Presented:
Article will explain industry issues and/or offer advice to service providers. Presented in numerous ways: advice column, case study, interview. A presentation can often be converted into a good article.  Author photo, diagram(s), email address, article comments are available.

Approval & Writing:

Black Swan approves and edits the piece.  The story can optionally be written by you or by Black Swan.

Regular Byline Column

10 byline articles per year.

Four quarterly

Same details as byline article above.

Column has dedicated index page and appears in the navigation menu under Columnists title.

Executive Close Up

In-depth interview with a senior executive.


How it's Presented:
Both carrier and vendor executives are featured here.  The interview interweaves some personal information with the significance of the company.  Ideal forum for discussing industry trends.  Can incorporate multiple pictures of executive, offices, company in the article with images supplied by you.

Executive interviews to be cataloged on a unique page of the site.

Industry Paper

3,000 word paper written under TRI and Black Swan byline with your company's sponsorship.

The paper demonstrates leadership around an industry theme.


Payment in two
50% at start
50% on finish

Mission & Writing:
The paper must be objective and Black Swan must agree with the value of the generic solution proposed. Challenges and common objections are included so the paper is not one-sided.

Black Swan will conduct multiple interviews with your company and your customer (optional) to ensure we get your full story before we write the piece.

Paper will receive premium advertising for two months. We will email Black Swan readers about the paper and create both PDF and full-screen HTML versions.  You enjoy full rights to post, print, and promote the paper on your own.

Protecting the Privacy of our Readers

At Black Swan, we will not supply sales leads for our advertising programs.  But given the low cost of advertising with us, you can drive sales leads directly off ads linked to your site. You can even alter your ad or message from time to time.

Although we will ask our readers to supply their names and email addresses to build up the Journal’s database, we will not lend those names to any third party or advertiser.

High level telecom managers and decision-makers are reluctant to release their contact information.  Respecting that privacy choice, readers will access the columns and industry papers on our site without the fuss of passwords and potential spam.

As an advertiser, working with Black Swan doesn‘t prevent you from working with other publications.  In fact, if you write/post an article with us, we will try to get your editorial content posted in other places.  And while we retain the copyright to our works, we allow editorial contributors to repost our articles on their websites provided they include a link back to Black Swan.

How Black Swan will Build its Audience

We will attract readers to the Journal through periodic email messages informing them of new articles and papers posted on the site.  We will also offer readers free information products in exchange for joining our email list.

We also plan to leverage a few of the on-line communities such as Linked-In and other social media.  We will also reach out by attending key business assurance conferences.

One of the most important indicators of our success will be Google keyword searches.  In fact, we will regularly report the results of our Google keyword analysis and allow advertisers to check our progress by downloading a comparative Excel sheet report.

Our audience is necessarily a limited one, and, in the end, the relevance and quality of our content is what will draw readers and keep them loyal.  If hundreds or a few thousand business assurance professionals and managers are reading the Journal, we will have achieved our goal.

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