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April 2014

Editorial, White Papers and Advertising

Editorial, White Papers and Advertising

Times have changed in the information publishing business.  The transition from print to on-line publications has caused many publications to close shop.

Yet while demand for general purpose telecom pubs has waned, we think there’s great demand for highly focused publications such as this Journal.

Editorial & Advertising Value for Solution Providers

Here’s how Telexchange Journal delivers promotion value for the vendors of software and services in this market:

  • Highly targeted audience -- If your company sells telexchange services and products, the Journal’s tight editorial focus allows you to promote to them efficiently.
  • Low overhead -- We publish Telexchange Journal, automating the web publishing tasks which keeps our costs down.
  • Deep dives on companies -- Many publishers shy away from stories where a vendor is interviewed one-on-one about its solutions.  But we say: that’s precisely the role of an editor -- to draw out the significance of a vendor’s solutions in an objective way.  So rather than skirt around the subject, our interviews bring out a vendor’s value proposition.  We then edit that content so it’s a good read.
  • Association with other publishers -- Often, the content that appears on Telexchange Journal will appear on other publications because we maintain relationships with other publishers,  In this way, articles get wider distribution.
  • Value proposition papers -- We specialize in writing and distributing vendor-sponsored white papers that objectively explain important industry developments, trends, and solution strategies.

Our Promotional Programs

Here are the promotional programs we offer:




Advertising Banner

Runs on top of each editorial page

for 12 months

Size: 728px wide x 90px high
No animation or flash.
Maximum 40 KB size.
Change the banner and link as often as you wish..

In advance, by check or credit card.

Byline Article

An article of 800 words or longer under your company byline and bio.

$400 per article

$300 per article
when you commit
to a few

How it's Presented:
Article will explain industry issues and/or offer advice to service providers. Presented in numerous ways: advice column, case study, interview. A presentation can often be converted into a good article.  Provide author photo, diagram(s), and email address for contact. 

Approval & Writing:

Telexchange approves and edits the piece.  The story can optionally be written by you or by the Journal.

In advance, by check or credit card.

Regular Byline Column

10 byline articles per year.

Four quarterly

Same details as byline article above.

Column has dedicated index page and appears in the navigation menu under Columnists title.

On-Demand Webinar

An on-line  discussion with Telexchange about industry trends and solutions.


How it's Presented:
Webinars are best deliver as short, 30 minutes presentations with follow-up questions.  They can be live events as well as pre-recorded events which allow greater flexibility and control.  And example of what can be done is here. 

Paper will receive premium advertising for two months. You enjoy full rights to post, print, and promote the paper on your own.

Industry Paper

3,000 word paper written under TRI and Telexchange Journal byline with your company's sponsorship.


Payment in two
50% at start
50% on finish

Mission & Writing:
The paper must be objective and Telexchange Journal  must agree with the value of the generic solution proposed. Challenges and common objections are included so the paper is not one-sided.

TRI will conduct multiple interviews with your company and your customer (optional) to ensure we get your full story before we write the piece.

Paper will receive premium advertising for two months. You enjoy full rights to post, print, and promote the paper on your own.

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